Stories of John Wooden and the Pyramid of Success

Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden was not only an amazing coach but also a visionary leader in his work with his players and many others around him. When he joined UCLA in 1948, he had immediate success, many calling it an “instant turnaround” and the world was introduced to his “system” now called the Pyramid of Success.

Little did he know that when he introduced the Pyramid of Success to his UCLA basketball players that he would also introduce an easy-to-follow roadmap for all individuals and all teams, whether on the basketball court, in the classroom, in the workplace or… well… wherever there are people.

Join us as we do an introduction to the Pyramid of Success and stories of John Wooden and his leadership and impact, with Jason Lavin, one of the founders of the Wooden Course, which is based on the Pyramid. Register here.



May 13 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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