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The most critical time for a company’s success is at the very beginning. Not only have we been in the trenches through our own experience as founders, we’ve also built a large network of people in technology and studied hundreds of startups over the years to determine just how critical the early days of a company are to the long term success of the business. In order for entrepreneurship to flourish in society, founders need significant support very early on in the company building process.

They need hands-on, experienced operators who aren’t afraid to get in the weeds but also know how to scale. They need company builders who know how to determine product-market fit with speed and precision while keeping politics out of it. This is why we created OC4 Venture Studio, a hands-on venture studio that focuses on growing the SoCal software space by providing an early-stage investment and embedding our top-tier Studio Team into the company.

Company building is a team sport.

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