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Our story

We know founders need more than just capital because we’ve been there before. We’re not just a venture fund, we get deep in the weeds with you to help you tell your story, build a quality product, provide an excellent user experience (UX), exceed customer expectations and transform industries!

As we say at OC4, “it’s just nicer here”, which is why we’re encouraging more technology entrepreneurs with life-changing ideas to move to Southern California. Not only are we focusing on driving more kickass people to the region, we’re also tapping into the existing talent and potential that’s already here.

Our 4 Cs


It takes more than just money to build and scale a successful business, but knowing when and how to raise money is vital to the growth of your business.


We go way beyond advising, we’re company builders. We walk alongside startups to get in the weeds and get shit done – from go-to-market strategy to product design to team metrics.


It’s lonely being an entrepreneur, especially if you’re not plugged into a community of mentors, advisors, talent, and peers. Meeting the right people at the right time is pivotal to building a successful, scalable technology company. 


We know how to build successful businesses and we know how to find the right people at the right time. Not only are we focusing on recruiting more kickass people to the region, we’re tapping into the existing talent and potential that’s already here.

Company building is a team sport.

Carey RansomPresident


Way beyond just advising


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Solving big market problems

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